Working Papers

·         "The Elusive Pro-Competitive Effects of Trade" (with Costas Arkolakis, Arnaud Costinot and Dave Donaldson), March 2012 (first version - preliminary and incomplete).

·         "Scale Effects and Productivity Across Countries: How Can Size Not Matter?" (with Natalia Ramondo and Milagro Saborío), November 2011 (very preliminary) (slides).

·         "External Economies, Comparative Advantage, and the Gains from Trade" (with Gary Lyn), November 2011.

·         "Production and Innovation in the Global Economy" (with Costas Arkolakis, Natalia Ramondo and Stephen Yeaple), November 2011 (slides) – revision coming soon.

·         "The Simple Analytics of the Melitz Model in a Small Open Economy" (with Svetlana Demidova), August 2011, revision requested at the Journal of International Economics.

·         "Trade, Multinational Production, and the Gains from Openness," (with Natalia Ramondo), December 2010, accepted for publication at the Journal of Political Economy. First complete version: June 2008.

·         "Gains From Trade under Monopolistic Competition: The Translog-Pareto Case" (with Costas Arkolakis and Arnaud Costinot), September 2010.

Work in Progress

·         "Trade Theory with Numbers: Quantifying the Consequences of Globalization" (with Arnaud Costinot), slides for keynote presentation at the Rocky Mountain Empirical Trade Conference

·         "Lobbying and the Theory of Trade Agreements" (with Giovanni Maggi), slides.

Refereed Publications

·         "New Trade Models, Same Old Gains?" (with Costas Arkolakis and Arnaud Costinot), February 2012, American Economic Review, Online Appendix.

·         "Entrepreneurship and the Extensive Margin in Export Growth: A Microeconomic Accounting of Costa Rica’s Export Growth during 1997-2007" (with Daniel Lederman and Daniel Yi Xu), Vol. 25, No. 3, 2011, World Bank Economic Review.

·         "Offshoring in a Ricardian World," American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, Vol. 2, No. 2, April 2010. Auxiliary files.

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·         "Multinationals, Linkages and Economic Development," American Economic Review, September 1996.

·         "The Division of Labor and Economic Development," Journal of Development Economics, June 1996.

·         "Costly Distortion of Information in Agency Problems," RAND Journal of Economics, (with Giovanni Maggi), Winter 1995.

·         "On Countervailing Incentives," Journal of Economic Theory, (with Giovanni Maggi), July 1995.

Other Publications

·         "Growth, Size, and Openness: A Quantitative Approach" (with Natalia Ramondo), American Economic Review Papers and Proceedings, May 2010.

·         "Trade, Foreign Investment, and Industrial Policy," (with Ann Harrison), Handbook of Development Economics Volume 5, edited by Dani Rodrik and Mark Rosenzweig, 2010.

·         "Endogenous Variety and the Gains from Trade" (with Costas Arkolakis, Svetlana Demidova and Pete Klenow), American Economic Review Papers and Proceedings, May 2008.

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·         "Economic Growth: A Review Essay," (with Pete Klenow) Journal of Monetary Economics, November 1997

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·         "On Endogenizing Long-Run Growth," Scandinavian Journal of Economics, (with Peter Hammond), vol. 95, 1993, No. 4.

Applied and policy-oriented papers and reviews

·         Review of Dani Rodrik’s “One Economics, Many Recipes”, Journal of International Economics, Volume 77, Issue 1, February 2009, Pages 133-135

·         "Productive Development Policies and Supporting Institutions in Latin America and the Caribbean," February 2006 (with Alberto Melo), IADB Research Department Working Paper C – 106, published in The State of State Reform in Latin America, edited by Eduardo Lora, Stanford University Press, 2007.

·         "Microeconomic Interventions after the Washington Consensus," August 2004

·         "Towards a Strategy for Economic Growth  in Uruguay," December 2004 (with Ricardo Hausman and Dani Rodrik)

·          “Intel: A Case Study of Foreign Direct Investment in Central America” (with Felipe Larraín and Luis F. López-Calva), in Economic Development in Central America, Volume I: Growth and Internationalization, Felipe Larrain B. (ed), Harvard University Press, 2001

·         "Costa Rica's Development Strategy based on Human Capital and Technology: how it got there, the impact of Intel, and lessons for other countries,” Journal of Human Development, Vol. 2, No. 2, 2001

·         "Innovation and Technology Adoption in Central America," February 2003

·         "Economic Growth in Costa Rica" (with Alberto Trejos and Manrique Sáenz), March 2002 - Published in Spanish in Pequeñas Economías, Grandes Desafíos, Manuel Agosín, Roberto Machado y Paulina Nazal (eds), Inter-American Development Bank, 2004

·         "Variaciones sobre un viejo tema: acceso de las PyMEs al crédito", in Ensayos en Honor a Eduardo Lizano Fait, edited by Grettel López and Reinaldo Herrera, Academia de Centroamérica, 2004

·         "El Papel del Estado en el Desarrollo Económico," published in Ensayos en honor a Claudio González-Vega, edited by Grettel López and Juan Carlos Obando, Academia de Centroamérica, 2003

Old Working Papers

·         "Trade, Diffusion, and the Gains from Openness," November 2007 (first version November 2006, submitted). MATLAB codes and data.

·         "Import Tariffs, Export Subsidies, and the Theory of Trade Agreements," (with Giovanni Maggi), June 2005

·         "Quantifying Variety Gains from Trade Liberalization," September 1997 (with Pete Klenow)

IADB publications in which I collaborated

·         The Emergence of China: Opportunities and Challenges for Latin America and the Caribbean, (with Robert Devlin and Antoni Estevadeordal), forthcoming as an IADB publication

·         Economic and Social Progress Report 2004, Good Jobs Wanted: Labor Markets in Latin America, Inter-American Development Bank, 2003 - I wrote chapter 6, titled Employment Outcomes and the Role of Technology

·         Economic and Social Progress Report 2005, Unlocking Credit: The Quest for Deep and Stable Bank Lending, Inter-American Development Bank, 2005 - I wrote chapter 14, titled Access to Financing for SMEs (with Ernesto Stein)